About JTS

Welcome to JTS Modular. Our venture into modular building began for only one reason – our kids deserve better facilities! We are proud to say that JTS Modular, Inc. provides buildings that are a credit to our customers, the entire modular industry and to those kids.

Our focus is different. We do not manufacture inexpensive, grey boxes by the hundreds. Instead, our staff is dedicated to matching the quality and appearance of site-built buildings while achieving dramatic cost savings through the efficiencies of factory building systems. As the leader in the effort to improve the image of modular buildings, we are pleased to see other manufacturers beginning to offer comparable, or at least similar, products.

Our collective efforts will only benefit our customers by establishing a higher level of industry performance. Of course we are not interested in standing still in our pursuit of the new generation of modular buildings. Future designs will include photovoltaic solar systems, clerestory natural lighting, recycled building products and the latest energy saving technologies.

Your input is always appreciated. In fact, it is the source of most of our ideas for product improvements and new concepts. The end user of our buildings is the most reliable observer of both the form and function of our efforts. A major factor in our success has been our inability to say “no” to good recommendations. Come see our product line for yourself. Plant tours and student filed trips are always encouraged. I hope you will contact our staff of dedicated professionals to learn more about the “JTS Difference.” At JTS Modular, we look forward to continuing to lead the modular industry to new standards of excellence.

At JTS Modular, innovative building design and construction is our specialty. The standards in modular manufacturing have drastically changed in the past decade. Today there is a realization that permanent modular buildings have limitless design capabilities and precision engineering with indistinguishable characteristics than that of a site-built building.

To accommodate our growth and client’s requirements, we have a nine-acre manufacturing facility with a unique production process that is centrally located in Bakersfield, a major distribution hub for California. In addition to our manufacturing facility, we also have a complete construction services company and a full-service electrical division.

Think about a site-built building. More often than not, there are delays and cost-overruns because the project is not completed on time. The weather, scheduling delays, changes of scope, availability of sub-contractors to do the job, supplier problems; all contribute to extending the time it takes to complete your project and increasing costs associated with it. With our in-house expertise and unique capabilities in being able to do it all, our projects are completed in a much shorter time-span without sacrificing quality. There is no other method available that allows you to start and finish a project in a timelier manner than permanent modular building. There is no better way to build than JTS Modular.